National regulators play an important role in the telecommunication sector. As a rule the main activities of telecommunication sector regulation are:

  • To monitor the sector in the country.
  • To promote competition.
  • To protect consumer rights.
  • To solve disputes between market players.
  • To intervene when needed. 

By introducing a secure and reliable number portability solution, subscribers are free to choose the best possible service provider without the need to also change their personal phone number. In this way the telecommunication market automatically becomes more competitive and attractive for any future investors.

There are many factors that influence successful implementation of number portability.

The experience of regulators implementing number portability highlights the main factors for successful implementation:
  • Correct planning.
  • Evaluation of the operators’ impact in the consultation process.
  • Proper implementation period.
  • Careful evaluation of any need for changes introduction.
  • Guaranteeing complete enforcement.

Advices for regulators

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