UAB Mediafon

The Number Portability (NP) service is rapidly being spread in telecommunication markets around the world both for fixed and mobile networks. It effectively enhances competition among operators and service providers, creates downward pressure on prices and stimulates the introduction of new bundles of services, which increases subscriber satisfaction accordingly and accelerates the development of the telecommunications market. However, in order to ensure the success of a Number Portability service, it should be planned, developed, implemented and managed in a very professional manner, strictly in line with the best practices applicable for these types of highly-complicated projects.

Mediafon group is a privately owned company and has been successfully engaged in the telecommunications/IT sector for many years. The company has extensive competence and practical experience of managing telecommunications and IT projects, and in the development, implementation, delivery and support of sophisticated modern solutions and services.

Mediafon acts in different telecommunication sectors and provides a wide spectrum of services: carrier services (traffic transit, premium rate, network), SMS /MMS /WAP services, call services (call centres, voting and elections), fraud management solutions, as well as Number Portability. 

By being on the worldwide telecommunication market for more than for 19 years, by operating in the wholesales telecommunications services area, and also by taking part in the implementation of the Lithuanian Number Portability service, MEDIAFON GROUP has gained the practical experience needed for successfully introducing a Number Portability service and Number Portability Clearinghouse in any country. We provide a full range of Number Portability related services to national communications regulation authorities and telecommunications operators and service providers around the globe, including consulting, planning, development, and, of course, project implementation and the administration of Number Portability Clearinghouses. 

With best results, starting from the idea of introducing of a Number Portability service in the country and finalizing all the processes of service implementation by the start of the routine administration of a national Number Portability Solution, we can help any national regulators to make their Number Portability service a true success story, as was the cases in Georgia, Azerbaijan, Moldova, Russia, El Salvador, Senegal, Kazakhstan, Lithuania and Tunisia.