Peculiarities of adaptation and implementation of the number portability solution 

Adaptation and implementation of the number portability (NP) solution is a complicated process in any country as the interests of different market players must be coordinated. Number portability must meet the requirements of the regulating institution, be acceptable and viable both for large and small telecommunication carriers and service providers and, most importantly, NP must be attractive to the user in order for the service to be marketable and promote competition in the market. 

Implementation of the number portability solution is usually divided into 2 stages: adaptation and implementation. 

Adaptation stage is especially important as the whole success of implementation of number portability depends on the work done during this stage. Usually, the following works that must be done are identified: 
  • The number portability process and other information about implementation of the solution is prepared and coordinated in accordance with the provisions of the legal base of a specific country, regulator’s requirements and carriers’ wishes;
  • The works of adaptation (programming, configuration) of the central data base are performed in order to implement the coordinated requirements;
  • Carriers make changes in their networks and operating systems and review internal processes;
  • Carriers explain the concepts of the number portability service to their employees and present the anticipated changes of the activities.
Implementation stage usually takes place smoothly, if enough attention has been paid to the adaptation of the number portability solution. This stage may be divided into the following steps:
  • Installation of the technical equipment (platform) for the number portability solution;
  • Installation of the software of the number portability solution;
  • Connection of the carriers’ technical infrastructure to the number portability solution;
  • Testing operation of the number portability solution;
  • Correction of the errors discovered during testing;
  • Training of the carriers’ employees;
  • Beginning of operation of the number portability solution. 
The success of the companies which use internal information technologies is determined by effective provision of the number portability service. By properly providing, managing and supervising the number portability processes, the activities of the company will be more successful because less losses will be incurred, valuable working time will not be lost, and reduction of costs, increase of income, improvement of public relations and implementation of business goals will be achieved.